Added & hidden sugar lurking in your seemingly harmful foods?    
MetaVive may help.

MetaVive helps support:

Blood glucose management

Carbohydrate metabolism


Don’t think added and hidden sugars affect you? Think again.

The recommended daily intake of sugar is only 24-40 gm, yet the average person consumes on average a whopping 82 gm of sugar daily. That’s 27 cubes of sugar per day, and almost 10,000 cubes per year! Sugar consumption may lead to a vicious cycle of overeating and snacking, causing spikes in insulin which is linked to suppressing satiety.

The metabolic synergizer - specially designed extract for multiple metabolic targets

Native to the Indian subcontinent, Salacia is a genus of woody climbers well known for its traditional use as a medicinal food supplement for various health conditions. MetaVive is the most comprehensively studied Non-GMO Salacia chinensis currently on the market.  MetaVive has been clinically shown to help reduce blood sugar spikes resulting from high carbohydrate meals and sugary foods and drinks.

A unique profile = lower dose

Ensuring a unique profile of bioactives and bioactivity has its advantages. Just 300 to 500 mg per day of MetaVive supports metabolic health compared to current dosages used in research as high as 2,000 mg.

Sugar is a problem.
MetaVive offers a clinically-studied  solution?

OmniActive’s verification process ensures authenticity and consistent performance of MetaVive.

Source traceability — use of proprietary markers to ensure that the proper parts of the plant (roots
and stems) are used.

Free­ flowing powder for a variety of applications including tablets, capsules and powders.

Little to no impact on taste.

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