May 13, 2016
Nutraceuticals World


OmniActive granted European Patent for Lutemax 2020

Patent covers the composition and process of preparation for company’s ingredient

OmniActive Health Technologies has been granted a European patent for Lutemax 2020 (Patent No: EP2473065B1) titled “A Xanthophyll Composition Containing Macular Pigments and a Process for its Preparation.” The patent covers the composition and process of preparation for Lutemax 2020, “a xanthophyll composition containing macular pigments consisting of trans-lutein, zeaxanthin isomers—namely (R,R-zeaxanthin) and (R,S-zeaxanthin)—derived from the plant extract/oleoresin containing xanthophylls/xanthophyll esters which is safe for human consumption and useful for nutrition and health care...”

“Lutemax 2020 is an innovative, science-backed ingredient providing all three macular carotenoids—lutein, RR-zeaxanthin and RS-zeaxanthin—at a 5:1 ratio of lutein:zeaxanthin isomers to optimally support eye health,” said Lynda Doyle, VP of Global Marketing, OmniActive Health Technologies. “This European patent further supports the importance and safety of all three macular carotenoids, as well as OmniActive’s commitment to educate industry members, consumers, researchers and healthcare professionals about the important role macular carotenoids play in health—eye, skin and brain—through each stage of life.” 

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