Multiple metabolic benefits. One scientifically-validated ingredient.

OmniLean helps support:

Healthy body composition

Blood glucose management

Cardiovascular health

Lipid management


The metabolic synergizer - specially designed extract for multiple metabolic targets

The key drivers of metabolic health — weight management, glucose management and healthy lipid profiles — are dependent on multiple systems of the body working together. OmniLean has been developed as a multi-functional ingredient that supports these systems to work optimally and synergistically.

Native to the Indian subcontinent, Salacia is a genus of woody climbers well known for its traditional use as a medicinal food supplement for various health conditions. OmniLean is a specifically designed extract of Salacia to support multiple facets of metabolic health — healthy weight, glucose and lipid management. Our proprietary process delivers a unique set of fingerprinted bioactives AND bioactivity to ensure batch-to-batch authenticity, consistency and reliable performance.

A unique profile = lower dose

Ensuring a unique profile of bioactives and bioactivity has its advantages. Just 300 to 500 mg per day of OmniLean supports metabolic health compared to current dosages used in research as high as 2,000 mg.

advantage — a versatile extract

OmniActive’s verification process ensures authenticity and consistent performance of OmniLean.

Source traceability — use of proprietary markers to ensure that the proper parts of the plant (roots and stems) are used.

Free­flowing powder for a variety of applications including tablets, capsules and powders

Little to no impact on taste.

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