Commitment to our customers through innovation and quality

With offices and facilities located globally, OmniActive understands the unique challenges and market needs of our partners in different geographies and their respective regulatory landscapes.

Global Headquarters

OmniActive’s global headquarters, located in Mumbai and Thane, India, are the centres of our operations with key functions including supply chain management, finance, human resources, and strategic projects.

OmniActive’s global sales and marketing headquarters is based in Morristown, New Jersey, USA and focuses on enhancing awareness of our line of scientifically-validated, functional ingredients through innovative and award-winning initiatives.

Research and Development

Our strengths lie in our ability to leverage science and technology to meet the demands of consumers and the rigorous scientific and quality standards for today’s dietary supplement market. Human research is coordinated from Morristown, NJ, USA and OmniActive has its R&D centers based in India. Our R&D centers in India (Thane and Pune) are focused on developing innovative extracts and pioneering delivery forms. We work closely with regulatory bodies for global approval of our ingredients and delivery systems as well as actively sponsor research and human clinical trials.

Manufacturing and Extraction

Focused on the extraction and development of new products, our manufacturing facility in Pune, India is cGMP, ISO 9005:22000 and HACCP system compliant and has successfully undergone FDA CFR110 cGMP auditing.

Contract Farming and Vertical Integration Operations

To ensure traceability and, transparency while fostering sustainable practices, OmniActive produces its Lutemax range of lutein ingredients under a vertically integrated supply chain. In a category crowded by third-party suppliers, OmniActive stands out as a responsible, cost competitive market leader with strict controls over all stages of the manufacturing process. We work with over 10,000 marigold farmers in different climatic regions in the southern state of Karnataka, India to ensure a reliable and efficient source of premium lutein.

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