Better ingredients for better formulas

We provide solutions to address consumers’ needs for today with an eye to the future

Consumers are increasingly looking for solutions to support a healthy, active lifestyle and aging gracefully. OmniActive is approaching the market with a goal to provide unique health solutions. We are a dedicated team of people in product management, marketing, clinical research, sales and product development ready to bring your ideas to market. As your partner, we’re in the business of listening and solving your most complex challenges.

Our Vision

We improve lives by enhancing nutrition and wellness, using science and innovation

"We improve lives by enhancing nutrition and wellness, using science and innovation"

Since 2004, OmniActive’s vision is to improve lives by enhancing nutrition and wellness through science and innovation. Our strengths lie in our ability to leverage our science and technology to meet the demands of consumers and the rigorous scientific standards of quality for today’s dietary supplement market. OmniActive ingredients lead the pack in innovation, science and market development.

Commitment to our customers through innovation and quality

We develop IP­-protected, science­-backed branded ingredients from natural sources using innovative technologies. Clinical research is the cornerstone of our ingredients to show efficacy and support claim substantiation. Our leadership position in branded ingredients is possible because of our robust, global R&D infrastructure, development of innovative delivery systems and close collaboration and education with our partners.

Innovation not just for today but tomorrow

Based on a comprehensive understanding of market and consumer needs, OmniActive invests generously in R&D and innovation to support our customers. Our R&D groups act in tandem with cross-functional business teams to understand and address market needs. We aspire to address human health needs on a daily basis and improve lives by enhancing wellness and nutrition.

Global Approach

With offices located globally, OmniActive is well positioned to understand the unique needs and regulatory landscape of each of our partners and respond quickly.  With established sales and distribution network in Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America and South America, we are committed to developing our customer’s markets, regardless of location.

Responsibility and Sustainability

We take our global responsibility seriously and long-term success means manufacturing sustainably and investing in our greatest asset – our people. We focus on sustainable agriculture and minimize our impact on the environment through our agricultural and manufacturing initiatives.