OmniActive Health Technologies will showcase their Lutemax range of lutein ingredients including Lutemax 2020 Premium Lutein with Enhanced Levels of Zeaxanthin Isomers, Lutemax Free Lutein, Lutemax Lutein Ester and Capsimax Capsicum Extract at this year’s BioTaiwan taking place 23-26 July 2015 at TWT Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei, Taiwan. OmniActive will be exhibiting along with distribution partners DKSH Taiwan at booth # L1032 (for Lutemax range of products) and Han-sient Trading Co., Ltd at booth #L218 (for Capsimax range of products).

“We have a robust clinical program and there has been compelling new science, marketing initiatives and market development activities surrounding our Lutemax and Capsimax ranges of products, which has been garnering global attention,” stated Lynda Doyle, VP, Global Marketing, OmniActive. “BioTaiwan is the perfect venue for us to discuss the latest developments of our products with the Taiwanese market.”

OmniActive offers the most comprehensive range of macular carotenoids. The Lutemax range of products are produced under a fully integrated supply chain process that starts with the cultivation of marigold flowers and continues through the extraction and manufacturing of beadlets, oils and powders for superior quality control. The safety of Omniactive’s range of Lutemax products have been confirmed by FDA acceptance of our notification of GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). Even at high levels and for long periods of time, lutein and zeaxanthin isomers exhibit no adverse effects. To ensure quality, all of OmniActive’s macular carotenoid ingredient offerings are manufactured under strict cGMP controls, and are Kosher- and Halal-certified.

Award-winning, category-creating Capsimax is concentrated highly-active, natural capsicum extract from red hot chili peppers that delivers all of the heat of capsaicin without the burn. Made with patented OmniBead technology, concentrated highly active, natural capsicum extract from red hot chili peppers is encapsulated in a controlled-release coating. Capsimax delivers effective levels of capsaicinoids without the oral and gastric burning sensation of unprotected red hot peppers.

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About BioTaiwan

In its 13th year, BioTaiwan is five events in one, including the investment-focused BioBusiness Asia conference, the Greater China Opportunities forum; company presentations from Asia and around the world, one-on-one partnering, seminars and workshops, and the BioTaiwan Exhibition, featuring more than 1,200 booths from 600 companies.

About OmniActive Health Technologies

OmniActive Health Technologies ( offers a range of quality ingredients, which are innovative and scientifically validated for dietary supplementation, nutritional fortification, functional food/beverage, coloring, flavor enhancement and personal care applications. The company addresses complex challenges for customers in the dietary supplement, food and beverage space using technology-driven, sustainable solutions with application support within a global regulatory framework. Whether looking for  a new ingredient to add to a finished product, or an ingredient solution to enhance an existing ingredient, you will find unmatched innovation at OmniActive.

Core products include carotenoids, plant extracts and specialty functional ingredients. OmniActive leverages international R&D strengths to deploy an array of state of the art manufacturing technologies in extraction, purification, isolation and delivery of nutritional actives. The company’s manufacturing operations are located at multiple sites in India and are cGMP and HACCP system compliant.