Cocoa seed

Blood sugar management
Heart health

Forms: Extract powder

Actives: Theobromine

About: Cocoa seed is from the cacao tree, which is native to Mexico. Containing various phytochemicals, such as flavanols (including epicatechin), procyanidins, and other flavonoids, cocoa has been associated with cardiovascular effects and blood sugar management.


Health benefit categories:

  • Blood sugar management
  • Heart health


MOA: The polyphenols in cocoa have been proposed to support vascular health through the following mechanisms:

  • Inhibition of LDL oxidation
  • Inhibition of lipoxygenase activity
  • Inhibition of inflammatory gene expression (e.g., IL1β, IL2, IL4, IL6, TNFα, iNOS) due to inhibition of NFκB and AP1 transcription factor activity
  • Inhibition of the expression of genes encoding for cell adhesion proteins, chemotactic factors and metalloproteinases
  • Increase in endothelial nitric oxide synthase activity
  • Inhibition of arginase activity
  • Inhibition of platelet aggregation
  • Increase in HDL and decrease in LDL and triglyceride levels


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