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Consumer Awareness Campaign: Macular Carotenoids to Support a Digital Lifestyle

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WFLA-TV (Tampa Bay) – May 18, 2020: Dr. Rudrani Banik discusses blue light from digital devices and the effect on eye health (minute 4:47 for mention of Lutemax® 2020).

Whether we are teleconferencing for work, homeschooling, virtually connecting with family and friends, watching TV, streaming, or gaming, increased or prolong screen time at any age has become the new normal in our daily routines. It is no surprise that increased exposure to digital screens and the blue light, which emits from them, has raised health concerns, especially for eye health.


The good news is the three macular carotenoids—lutein and the zeaxanthin isomers (RR-zeaxanthin, and RS [meso]-zeaxanthin)— like those found in clinically-studied Lutemax® 2020, are providing solutions for the arising visual health and performance needs of all ages.


Dr. Rudrani Banik, MD, board-certified ophthalmologist and author of “The Macular Degeneration Prevention Protocol”, has embarked on a media tour to spread this important message to consumers eager to find natural options to help with the impact of blue light from digital devices such as eye fatigue and strain.



On LateNight Health Radio, Dr. Banik elaborates on the importance of checking your supplement’s label to ensure you are getting all three macular carotenoids.

What should consumers be looking for? Check out minute 7:50 where Dr. Banik talks about Lutemax® 2020. >>


Dr. Banik hits CRN Digital Radio Network’s “What’s Cookin’ Today” where she discusses how consumers could reduce the impact of harmful blue light from digital devices. 

And make sure to listen to minute 43:19 to hear about all the clinically-shown benefits of Lutemax® 2020 >>





Mr. Speaker speaks with Dr. Banik about the macular carotenoids to support eye health and how they help protect against the effects of blue light from digital devices.

Check out minute 10:46 where Dr. Banik talks about Lutemax® 2020. >>






With digital use on the rise, what can be done to protect our eyes from the potential adverse effects of blue light?

Find out in this insightful Thrive Global article “A Healthy Vision for 2020: Protecting Eyes From Our New Reality” about the importance of all three macular carotenoids like the ones found in clinically-studied Lutemax® 2020. >>




ArticleRead the Creations Magazine article “New Digital Demands Require Frontline Defense” by Dr. Banik which discusses the nutritional challenges and filling the gap to address our digital lifestyles.

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