COVID-19 Update March 26, 2020

To our extended OmniActive community around the world,

We believe in putting the health and wellness of our employees and partners first. COVID-19 presents an unprecedented challenge, however, we have implemented a contingency plan to ensure continuity of supply while safeguarding the health of our teams and brand partners. Our plan will continue to evolve in response to the situation. Our priority continues to be to protect the health and wellness of our global teams and communities.


OmniActive has taken the following measures to support our teams:

Team Health & Safety

  • Non-essential travel has been suspended globally. Those who MUST travel for emergencies will work from home for 15-days as part of our quarantine protocol.
  • Essential staff is working on a rotation calendar to avoid crowding and splitting their time between the office and home. Our offices in the US are working from home entirely. In India, team members have the option to work from home.
  • Employees at greater risk for COVID-19 exposure are working from home entirely. In order to ensure the safety of all employees, anyone with flu-like symptoms has been asked to work from home. Human Resources is tracking employees to ensure necessary protocols are followed if anyone is diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • In order to protect our employees during their commute to work, all employees have been advised to avoid crowded public transport and use car services, which the company will reimburse.
  • We have ensured that all of our insurance policies cover medical exigencies for all employees should they need it.
  • All our offices and facilities are following enhanced protocols for hygiene, cleaning and sanitization to avoid any risk of infection.


Safeguarding Production and Plant Facilities

  • Protective masks are provided to security guards at the main gate and are checked and changed regularly.
  • We have implemented a communication campaign to provide the correct information on practices to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 for our employees by a doctor who speaks the regional language in all of our plants.
  • All our facilities are following enhanced protocols for hygiene, cleaning and sanitization to avoid any risk of infection.
  • Mandatory temperature checks for anyone entering our facilities.
  • All outside visitors are prohibited from entering our facilities.
  • We have medical support on standby in case of any emergency.
  • Fresh meals are provided for every shift from our cafeterias to ensure our employees have access to safe, clean and wholesome food.


Ensuring Continuity of Supply and the Needs of our Brand Partners

  • We are working to ensure that we meet our commitments while balancing the safety and quality of all our products.
  • To ensure supply continuity, we have taken measures to distribute our finished product inventories across multiple market regions – based on need – rather than remaining in our India warehouses.
  • Our R&D teams and labs are committed to continue working to keep your projects moving forward, to address questions and provide solutions you need.


Protecting the Health and Wellness of our Farming Communities

  • OmniActive is committed to ensuring health and improving lives in the rural communities in which we operate. Through the OmniActive Improving Lives Foundation, we are conducting trainings on COVID-19 and the safety precautions recommended to ensure we stop the spread of the virus.
  • We are also providing soap in all public washrooms to promote the habit of handwashing.


As the situation evolves, we encourage all of you to take the required measures to safeguard yourselves, your families and your employees. To continue to provide uninterrupted service, we will reach out to understand your needs and inventory forecasts.

We are actively monitoring this fluid situation. To that effect, we have set up a COVID-19 task force to track all developments and address appropriate responses as they change. Please, contact us freely at for more information, questions or concerns and for the most up-to-date information, follow us on LinkedIn.


Stay well,
Sanjaya Mariwala
Managing Director, OmniActive Health Technologies