Our goal is to improve the lives of 100,000 women and children. Here’s how you can help.

OmniActive would like to make a donation of $100 in your honor to the Vitamin Angels’ Healthy Futures Initiative to support vulnerable populations heavily impacted by COVID-19. This donation will help 400 women and children receive the nutritional support they need to build the foundation for a healthy future—at no cost to you!

Just follow these 3 simple steps below:

Step 1:

Watch this short video.

Step 2:

If you have social media, please share and help us get the word out. Don’t forget the hashtag #ImprovingLives

Step 3:

Fill in your full name and email address and hit the button below so we know to process a donation.


Your information will be used to confirm that you would like a donation made in your name. Your name and email will not be shared outside of OmniActive’s organization and will not be used for marketing purposes.

OmniActive will be donating up to $25,000 to Vitamin Angels as part of this campaign