Sleep health

Forms: Extract powder, extract granules, deodorized extract powder, deodorized extract granules, soft extract

Actives: Valerenic acids

About: Valerian is a flowering perennial plant, which grows in various regions around the world. Valerian has been commonly used for its sleep health and mood benefits. A common issue has been its overpowering odor. To overcome this obstacle, OmniActive offers deodorized options to address the organoleptic challenges that have deterred consumer usage and/or compliance.


Health benefit categories:

  • Mood
  • Sleep Health


MOA: Valerenic acids bind to GABA receptors, which suppresses the nervous system.


The advantage of OmniActive’s valerian:

  • Complies with the EU and the US Pharmacopeia
  • Meets EC guidelines requirement for pesticide and solvent residues
  • The extract is free from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, aflatoxin, and valepotriates
  • Extract processed from valerian root sourced from Europe
  • Deodorized options available
  • Available in soft extracts, powders, and granules

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