Omnibead – smart coating system


OmniBead is a smart coating system that allows high payloads of natural bioactive ingredients to form deliverable beadlets, that can be incorporated in variety of formulations formats like tablets, capsules, powders, gummies and more.
The technology can be applied to Lutemax 2020, Lutemax and Omnixan.

Delayed Release
OmniBead also delivers delayed release beadlets, which resist and bypass the acidic environment in stomach and deliver payload of natural bioactive compounds in the intestinal region to avoid irritation or discomfort. The beadlets help address ingredients that have challenging organoleptic characteristics by masking their taste and smell.
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Time Release
Omnibeads can also be designed to release natural bioactive compounds after a specific time interval of 2 or 4 hours after ingestion. The time release technology utilizes natural and semisynthetic food approved polymers which are capable of releasing the active content at specific pH in the gastrointestinal tract.
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Versabead – beadlet technology

Versabead is a microencapsulated beadlet technology that ensures a uniform particle size distribution and higher payloads of ingredients. The protective coating and antioxidant system protects the active ingredients and provides enhanced stability. The beadlets are easily dispersible in water or releases upon ingestion, which is an important step for nutrient absorption. Some of the ideal applications for Versabead include powdered beverages, foods, gummies, chewables and bars.

This technology can be applied to Lutemax 2020

Hot melt spray 
Enables the delivery of bioactive compounds in sustained release manner. Lipids and natural waxes are sprayed to mask the taste and allow for sustained release of the bioactive compound over a period of 8 hours.
Suitable for variety of application formats like tablets, capsules, powders mix and stick packs.
This technology can be applied to Xtenergy

Ultrasol – nutrient delivery system


Ultrasol is a unique technology that converts lipophilic compounds and poorly absorbed nutrients into water-dispersible ingredients for enhanced bioavailability and formulation flexibility.

The natural active ingredients are micro-encapsulated using spray drying technology. The use of a protective encapsulation alongside antioxidants ensures that the actives are stable and offer increased solubility.

This technology is suitable for variety of applications such as tablets, capsules, powders mix, gummies, jellies, stick packs, beverages and more.

Ultrasol can be applied to Curcuwin and Gingever

Integrated Actives Technology (IAT)


IAT is designed to formulate multiple natural active ingredients together in one single formulation. The blend of carrier and functional oils, bioenhancers and antioxidants ensure that the actives are well protected with enhanced stability and bioavailability.

Our patent pending process further optimizes the formulation by reducing the particle size to facilitate high bioactive delivery and a therapeutic effect.

This technology is suitable for application formats like soft gels, capsules, gummies, jellies, beverages and more.

IAT is applied Nutritears

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