Omnibead – smart coating system


Omnibead is a smart coating system that allows challenging ingredients to be seamlessly incorporated into a large variety of applications and finished products regardless of the lack of stability of the nutrients. Omnibead protects the actives through the digestive tract and releases in the high Ph of the intestines to address organoleptic characteristics.

Versabead – beadlet technology

Versabead is a microencapsulated beadlet technology that ensures a uniform particle size distribution and higher payloads of ingredients. The protective coating and antioxidant system protects the active ingredients and provides enhanced stability. The beadlets are easily dispersible in water or releases upon ingestion, which is an important step for nutrient absorption.  Some of the ideal applications for Versabead include powdered beverages, foods, gummies, chewables and bars.

Ultrasol – nutrient delivery system


Ultrasol is a unique technology which converts lipophilic compounds and poorly absorbed nutrients into water-dispersible ingredients for enhanced bioavailability and formulation flexibility.

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