How to Support Knee Osteoarthritis

Support Knee Osteoarthritis

While there are several forms of arthritis, Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common. Most people experience the occurrence of OA in the hips, hands, and knees. Two major factors contribute to OA. The cartilage—the cushion between the joints—begins to break down, and the bones in the joint begin to change. The change takes place slowly and continues to deteriorate over time. OA typically causes pain, stiffness, and swelling. For many people afflicted with OA, it can lead to reduced mobility and function, making the ability to perform certain daily tasks difficult or even impossible. Fortunately, there are options that can help slow OA and also support joint health.    

How to Treat Minor Knee Osteoarthritis

When it comes to knowing what to do for osteoarthritis in the knee, there are various ways to treat minor knee OA symptoms. The American College of Rheumatology has noted some of the following:

Exercise and Physical Therapy

Many people may worry that physical activity may worsen their minor OA symptoms; this is not always the case. If you’re wondering how to relieve osteoarthritis discomfort in the knee, exercise and physical therapy may offer great support. They are very effective ways to reduce discomfort and improve mobility with OA. Working on range of motion—the ability to move joints through the full motion it’s meant to perform—can improve the flexibility of the knee. It requires exercises that stretch and move the knee through its full range of motion. Strengthening the muscles around the knee through exercise will also help support and protect the knee joint. 

Managing Your Weight

The other added benefit of exercise is the ability to manage weight. Excessive weight can put extra pressure on the knee, which means more strain on the OA in the knee joint. As weight decreases, the knee will be able to experience a reduction in discomfort. It will also be able to regain range of motion easier. With better weight management, individuals may find it easier to continue a consistent exercise routine.

Modify Activities

If certain activities make the discomfort of OA unbearable or difficult, it’s possible to modify exercises to reduce the burden on the knee. For example, if running is challenging, biking or walking may offer a more suitable way to help maintain range of motion while decreasing the knee’s workload. Swimming is also a wonderful way to strengthen healthy muscles, range of motion, and reduce pressure on the knee.

Apply Heat or Ice

Depending on the symptoms one is experiencing, heat and ice can offer therapeutic benefits. Cold packs may help relieve swelling or inflammation of the knee joint. If the joint feels stiff, heat may be able to loosen the joint and provide more mobility to the area. 

Knee Brace

For those looking to help support the surrounding muscle and the knee joint, knee braces may be beneficial. Some offer a version that can simply be pulled over the knee, while others can be fastened with velcro for increased support. There are several on the market to fit each individual’s needs. 

Supplements That Support Joint Health

Unfortunately, there is no cure for osteoarthritis. However, the above-mentioned  approaches may help mitigate symptoms and offer relief. One other important and effective approach to reduce discomfort associated with osteoarthritis is Curcuwin Ultra+.

Curcuwin Ultra+ 

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