• 2006

    Bought land, set up a pharma-grade facility in Pune, India

    Launch of the Lutemax Free Lutein & Lutein Esters portfolio

    Launch of award-winning Capsimax to deliver a novel weight management solution by beadleting capsicum extract

  • 2007

    Pune production facility becomes fully operational

  • 2009

    Launch of Lutemax 2020, OmniActive’s clinically backed, award-winning lutein product

  • 2011

    Scaled US office to focus on sales and marketing

  • 2012

    Launch of Omnixan, delivering premium zeaxanthin sourced from the paprika pepper

  • 2013

    Our Pune R&D facility becomes operational

    Launched Curcuwin, our highly bioavailable curcumin

  • 2015

    Launched Gingever, a high-potency ginger extract that supports digestive and immune health

    Set up our Supa production facility for beadlet manufacturing

  • 2017

    Acquisition of Indfrag allowing us to expand ingredient offering to include customizable botanical actives

    To further support our corporate social responsibility reach, OmniActive’s Improving Lives Foundation was founded

  • 2019

    Launch of Metavive, the most clinically studied Salacia chinensis ingredient on the market

    License a deal with Enovate Biolife to exclusively sell their caffeine-free alternative in North America

    Launch of Xtenergy, a sustained-release ingredient derived from green coffee-bean

  • 2021

    Strategic investment from TA Associates announced to accelerate global growth of OmniActive

  • Today

    OmniActive functions under a customer-focused approach with global teams over three continents and 400+ employees to support our key regions

Our Vision

By empowering people to thrive, we aim to shape the future of wellness in natural health solutions.

Global Approach

With offices located globally, OmniActive is well positioned to understand the unique needs and regulatory landscapes of key markets. Our sales and distribution networks are committed to developing and growing our customer’s business worldwide.

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Transparency & Sustainability

We are constantly looking at ways to minimize our environmental impact. Switching to energy-efficient bulbs to minimize electric consumption for lighting up to 90% and integrating renewable energy sources such as solar power are just a few ways we move towards our goal of Net Zero emissions.

As for most of our ingredient supply, we buy directly from the source, allowing us to offer greater traceability. We have a robust supplier management program that allows us to keep the necessary checks with our vendors. We oversee every step in our vertically integrated supply chain. For example, when it comes to our Lutemax products, our non-GMO seeds are given to our exclusive farmer partners, who then cultivate premium marigold flowers. Our agricultural team educates the farmers on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) guaranteeing we meet the necessary quality requirement to sell in various geographies. The marigolds are then sent to our facilities where the initial phase of production begins with the drying of the flowers and fruits. The water extracted from the drying process is recycled and purified, then reused by our farmer partners or for processing in our facilities. We continuously perform field visits, which gives us visibility on cultivation practices. Our selected farmer partners also abide by local laws and acts that oversee the conservation of botanicals.

Improving Lives Foundation

To further our sustainability efforts, we partner with our farming communities to minimize the ecological footprint of our agricultural practices. We also empower the farmers through a guaranteed buy-back program that protects farmer rights and well-being. Additionally, we support our farming communities through the OmniActive Improving Lives Foundation.

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