Capsicum for Weight Management 

Capsicum for Weight Management

The need for effective, safe, and quality weight management products is higher than ever. From 2000 to 2017, the U.S. obesity rate jumped by more than ten percent to its current rate of 41.9%. Obesity contributes to many devastating health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some kinds of cancer. The estimated annual cost of healthcare for obesity was more than $170 billion in 2019.

The scope of obesity prevalence in the U.S. is reflected in a massive market for weight management supplements, cleanses, diet kits, etc. There is a huge opportunity to meet consumer demand while providing definitive and safe results with Capsimax, OmniActive’s Capsicum extract made from red chili peppers. Capsimax is backed by scientific studies that demonstrate its efficacy in supporting healthy weight management and sports nutrition. 

What is Capsicum annuum?

Capsicum annuum is a family of chili peppers that humans have been using as food and medicine for thousands of years. These chilies are widely cultivated in South America, Asia, Africa, and Mediterranean countries. Capsicum Annuum includes a wide range of chilies like bell peppers, jalapeno, and cayenne peppers. These chilies contain high amounts of capsaicinoids, the active ingredient in Capsimax. Capsaicinoids are the main naturally-occurring active compound in chili peppers.

Where to Get Capsicum Extract

Here at OmniActive, we provide supplement manufacturers with a high quality, capsicum extract made from red chili peppers. Our scientifically backed Capsimax delivers a potent and absorbable dose of capsaicinoids, which is the active ingredient. Since capsaicinoids are extracted from red chilis, there maybe some gastrointestinal (GI)  irritation. Here at OmniActive, we use the Omnibead technology to protect against GI irritation. Omnibead delivers beneficial levels of capsaicinoids, allowing for the consumption of efficacious amounts of these actives. We are unique in our ability to provide potent capsicum extracts in an easily digestible form.

Capsimax was studied for its tolerability at various doses of  capsaicinoids. Participants received each dose for a week.  Up to 500 mg of Capsimax or 10 mg of capsaicinoids was found to be tolerable with no adverse events reported.

Capsicum Health Benefits

Capsicum extract is a potent health supplement and makes a great addition to your weight management products or can be sold as a standalone ingredient. Capsimax is a multi-functional ingredient that supports weight management and sports nutrition. 

  1. Weight Management

Weight management takes a dedicated effort including  food preparation, exercise, and other important self-care habits. It isn’t always an easy path to follow, but taking that time to maintain the right weight for yourself is certainly an accomplishment. Capsimax is a nutritional ingredient that can help support a weight management regimen for multiple reasons. Science-backed research on a small daily dose (2 mg of capsaicinoids from 100 mg of Capsimax) shows it can help by:  

  1. Sports Nutrition 

Athletes work hard to achieve their own competitive edge. Whether it be  in preparation for tough competition or  beat their own personal best , athletes work hard to maintain their own long-term wellness. The right nutritional support is also one factor that can help an athlete’s goals become achievable. Capsimax promotes an athletes’ healthy lifestyle by helping the body increase calorie burning. These are just a few of the ways a small daily dose of just 2 mg of capsaicinoids from 100 mg of Capsimax lends support:

  • Enhancing metabolic rate – improving the way the body burns calories
  • Mobilizing fat stores for energy – especially while exercising 
  • Enhancing resting energy expenditure – continuing to burn calories, even at rest
  • Helping to reduce body fat – promoting a healthy body composition

Additional benefits of Capsimax 

  • All-natural, functional whole-food extract from red chili peppers
  • Stimulant-free and safe, without ingredients that can impact heart rate, blood pressure or catecholamines Has Self-Affirmed GRAS status
  • Capsimax is ideal for capsules, tablets, and powder beverages. Contact us today to find out more on our Capsicum extract, Capsimax.