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Capsimax is whole-food extract from red chili peppers, which provides a complete weight management solution without stomach upset.

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Why Capsimax?

Capsimax is a concentrated extract of capsaicinoids from red chili peppers (Capsicum annum)—the naturally occurring compounds that cause the sensation of heat when consuming spicy foods. It is a unique ingredient because it targets several key areas of weight management, including appetite control, lipolysis (breakdown of fat stores), thermogenesis, and resting energy expenditure in a small, daily dose. Capsimax is produced with Omnibead, a controlled release encapsulating technology that delivers effective levels of capsaicinoids without stomach upset that may result from unprotected extracts of red chili peppers. No other brand of encapsulated capsicum on the market delivers all these advantages in a single ingredient:

  • Backed by multiple studies supporting the role Capsimax can play for effective weight management
  • Shown to increase lipolysis, boost metabolism, promote thermogenic activity, and curb appetite
  • Stimulant-free and safe—showing no impact on heart rate, blood pressure or catecholamines
  • Natural, food-sourced, and clean label
  • Available in a variety of 100% vegetarian beadlets for formulation flexibility
  • Ask us about Capsimax Next—our next innovative weight management  and sports nutrition solution!
Why Capsimax?

Science overview

A multifunctional solution for healthy weight

Capsimax makes weight management easier by targeting multiple key areas in one small dose:

  • Metabolism

Capsimax can boost resting energy expenditure—the number of calories required by the body at rest and accounts for approximately 60% of calories burned daily.

  • Lipolysis

Capsimax supports lipolysis, especially when exercising. In a clinical study, Capsimax increased the breakdown of stored fat as evident in increased serum levels of free fatty acids and glycerol, which can be used as energy substrates.

Capsimax Clinical Research
  • Appetite

A key to maintaining healthy weight is balancing calories consumed and calories expended. When examining its effect on food consumption, Capsimax has been shown to reduce appetite, caloric intake, and the desire to snack.

  • Body composition

The waist-to-hip ratio (the proportion of stored fat in the waist and hips) is an important predictor of metabolic health. Higher fat levels in the waist are associated with higher risk of diabetes, hypertension, and CVD. In a clinical study, Capsimax improved body composition by improving the waist-to-hip ratio (i.e., reducing stored fat in the waist).

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Market insights

The weight management market is shifting to reflect new consumer goals

Weight management continues to be one of the largest categories in the supplement market and consumers rank it as one of their top reasons to use supplements. The market is also evolving as a crossover category into Sports Nutrition to reflect consumers’ desire for maintaining healthy weight for long-term health. Consumers are now looking for:

  • Solutions that help them stay lean and healthy as well as feel good, not just a quick fix
  • Ingredients that are natural and safe
  • Science-backed results balanced with convenience

Capsimax is a complete solution, for the changing weight management market and those consumers looking for natural, convenient solutions for long-term health.

Capture new weight management opportunities coming from the “new normal” and proactive self-care trends.

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Capsimax Market insights

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Capsimax—powered by Omnibead

Capsimax harnesses one of nature’s most effective weight management ingredients—hot red peppers (Capsicum annum)—using our patented Omnibead Beadlet Technology. Omnibead encapsulates beneficial levels of capsaicinoids, allowing for the consumption of efficacious amounts of these actives without stomach discomfort. Capsimax is ideal for capsules, tablets, and powder beverages to expand your formulation possibilities.

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There’s a new innovation heating up the category! Ask us about Capsimax Next—our next innovative weight management  and sports nutrition solution.

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Capsimax Technology

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