Giving back and CSR: Not only up to brand owners

Nutraceutical stakeholders, R&D experts and manufacturers are at the forefront of innovation, developing the next generation of health solutions. However, corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives—addressing global issues and uplifting communities—is often left to brand owners.


In this podcast, Charlotte Bastiaanse hears from Rushva Parihar, head of sustainability at OmniActive Health Technologies, about the Improving Lives Foundation and what supply chain businesses can do to improve their corporate social responsibility footprint. Tune in to hear more about:


  • The Improving Lives Foundation improving lives in local farming communities, based in India
  • Why business sustainability has to start from the base of the supply chain
  • The topic of CSR and why ingredients/finished product manufacturers should be doing more
  • The importance of brand value and inherent commitment to give back


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