OmniActive’s Year in Review 2016: Improving Lives Through Science and Innovation

Looking back at 2016, we’re thankful for all of you—our customers, partners, and consumers—for placing your trust in our ingredients and making our success possible.  We’re also grateful to our employees who have worked extremely hard to advance our organization’s goal of improving human health and wellness through science and innovation. Here’s to welcoming 2017 with a small trip back in time visiting some of the highlights of 2016.

In 2016, we continued our commitment to science and technologySeven human clinicals in healthy subjects were completed in 2016 alone with a grand total of 12 in the last 18 months Our science stems from our desire to constantly innovate and bring novel concepts to the market with a broad variety of unique substantiated claims to the industry for multiple benefits across our products.

Our macular carotenoid star ingredient—Lutemax 2020—was the focus of multiple scientific presentations and publications in 2016. OmniActive’s B.L.U.E (Blue Light User Exposure) study demonstrated the effects of Lutemax 2020 on eye health and sleep for those with long-duration exposure to digital devices and high-energy blue light.

In March of 2016, we introduced the consumer phase of ‘What’s your B.L.U.E?’ campaign. An extension of Lutein For Every AgeTM, What’s Your B.L.U.E.TM? is a new initiative to educate consumers on high-energy blue light, its sources and ways to help protect healthy vision from its effects with the support of the macular carotenoids—lutein and zeaxanthin isomers (RR-zeaxanthin and RS [meso]-zeaxanthin) as found in our Lutemax 2020 ingredient. Watch our video to learn more.

LAMA I and II focused on serum and macular uptake (Experimental Eye Research journal) of Lutemax 2020 and LAMA II further demonstrated the benefits of macular carotenoids on visual performance, cognition, and stress in a young healthy population.

The Beautiful Skin Forever study showed a rare combination of outcomes that are attributed to beautiful, healthy skin with Lutemax 2020. Our dedication to science and education continued with our sponsorship of the Happi webinar with renowned cosmetics expert, Dr. Alain Khaiat, to discuss the latest in science and trends for skin health and beauty.

These studies together demonstrated exciting new benefits of the macular carotenoids for the eyes, brain, and skin to provide new substantiated claims to expand the market.

New science has also emerged for other ingredients in our portfolio. Now that we’ve established the superior bioavailability of CurcuWIN—curcumin with enhanced absorption—the FloMeD (Flow Mediated Dilation) study finds CurcuWIN improves vascular health in healthy people.  We’ve also completed the first human study on OmniLean, a novel Salacia Extract launched in 2016. Called the B.I.G (Blood Insulin Glucose) study, it demonstrates the ability of OmniLean to reduce the glycemic impact of food and supports healthy insulin response after a meal. And last but not least, our latest study for Capsimax, Capsicum extract—ABC (Appetite and Body Control)—finds Capsimax to significantly decrease wait to hip ratio vs. placebo. Watch our video here.

Often, hard work goes unnoticed, and we appreciate being recognized for our commitment to science, education, quality and product innovation. It is a great accomplishment for us and speaks to our dedication to meeting the rigorous scientific standards of quality in today’s dietary supplements market. Three of our ingredients—CurcuWIN , Capsimax and Omnilean—obtained self-affirmed GRAS. We were also recognized for our quality ingredients at ASSOCHAM and were awarded Pharmexcil’s Gold Patent Award in the nutraceuticals category for branded ingredients and technologies.

OmniActive is excited for what the New Year will bring. We will continue to serve you and work together to bring new novel concepts, further develop the market and provide you with science-backed claims. To stay informed about our latest developments and where we’ll be in 2017, look out for us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn. Also, do periodically check out our News Center for our latest press releases on new developments in the world of OmniActive.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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