Valerian Root Extract: Benefits, Uses, & Where to Get

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Whether it’s falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up feeling tired, an increasing number of people are facing sleep issues. An estimated 70 million people in the United States alone have problems with sleep. Everything from job performance to at-home routines can be affected by inadequate rest. Lack of sleep dulls cognitive function, which may lead to errors that can be costly. Sleep issues are also underlying causes of many health concerns. With so many negative impacts of sleep loss, millions of consumers are on the lookout for helpful ways to improve sleep quality. 

Unsurprisingly, sleep is foundational to a positive mood and good mental and physical health. A study conducted in 2015 determined that an average adult will need seven or more hours of sleep each night to support their best health and well-being.  

Finding the right kind of sleep support that may ease stress, improve moods, and provide quality sleep without dangerous side effects can be challenging. Valerian root extract may be the solution. Valerian root is an herbal ingredient that has been shown to impact mood and sleep.

Using OmniActive valerian root extract in your supplements offers your consumers a safe, effective botanical for sleep, stress, and mood support.

What is Valerian Root?

Valerian root is a botanical that humans have used for thousands of years, including the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Chinese. The valerian plant is a flowering, perennial herb that can grow more than 6 feet tall. It’s now a commonly used health supplement and is popular for its effects on the body and mind. Valerian extract is most often found in supplements for mood and sleep. It is also referred to as the Tagar plant.

Where Does Valerian Root Come From?

Native to Europe and Asia, valerian root now also grows in North America. The root of the valerian plant is harvested and processed into powders and extracts. Valerian is very tolerant to cold weather; however, it prefers sun or partial shade. Its flowers have a pleasant, sweet-scented smell, while the roots are known to be very pungent. 

How Does Valerian Affect the Body?

Valerian contains the compounds valerenic acid and valerenol. Scientists believe these compounds interact with GABA receptors in the body to influence effects. GABA stands for gamma-aminobutyric acid—a chemical produced in the brain. As chemical messengers, GABA helps regulate certain nerve functions in the central nervous system (CNS). GABA is an important neurotransmitter in regulating sleep. When GABA is increased, the body can experience greater sedative effects. Valerenic acid and valerenol can stimulate GABA receptors in the central nervous center and increase GABA. Just as important, valerenic acid can block enzymes that can destroy GABA. 

Science-backed Sleep Support

OmniActive’s valerian extract, Sleeproot, has been shown to offer several benefits. 72 healthy adults with sleep issues (ages 21-48) took part in a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study. Over 56 days, a 200mg capsule of Sleeproot was administered once a day, one hour before bedtime. Outcomes related to sleep quality and occasional anxiety were measured. Sleeproot benefited sleep quality in the following ways:

  • Reduced sleep latency (time it takes to fall asleep) 
  • Increased sleep duration 
  • Increased sleep efficiency (hours spent versus lying in bed) 
  • Decreased daytime sleepiness (likely because of a better night’s rest) 
  • Increased feelings of waking up refreshed 
  • Sleeproot also benefited anxiety, lowering anxiety scores on day 14, 28 and 56. 

Is Valerian Safe?

Valerian is widely acknowledged as a dietary ingredient to support healthy sleep at doses shown to be safe and efficacious. The European Medicine Agency (EMA) recognizes the well-established uses of valerian to support sleep disorders. 

Where to Get Valerian Root

At OmniActive, we make the highest quality supplement ingredients for our brand partners. We pride ourselves on the care we take in sourcing and creating effective specialty and botanical extracts. The active compound in valerian root is valerenic acid. Valerian works by binding to GABA receptors (Gamma-amino-butyric acid), which may have a calming effect. 

You can take advantage of the benefits of valerian root extract in both mood and sleep supplements. Our Sleeproot product is natural and clean, without the use of any solvents or excipients. Sleeproot is a low-dose valerian extract that helps promote several aspects of sleep quality. Just a 200 mg dose of Sleeproot delivers a clinically studied plant-based, non-hormonal, and melatonin-free sleep solution. In a clinical study, Sleeproot was shown to help support several aspects of sleep quality, including sleep latency, duration, efficiency, and daytime sleepiness. It also helped support feelings of calmness. And because of its low dose efficacy, Sleeproot is well suited for challenging delivery systems like gummies—previously not suitable for other valerian products. An OmniActive proprietary survey discovered that better sleep is one of the three most common reasons adults have taken a supplement.  Contact us today to learn more about our innovative valerian ingredients.