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Sleeproot is a low-dose valerian extract, that helps promote several aspects of sleep quality.

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Why Sleeproot?


Sleeproot is a low-dose, standardized and differentiated valerian extract, that helps promote several aspects of sleep quality, in those individuals with occasional sleep issues. Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is a perennial plant native to parts of Europe and Asia with a long history of use in ancient Greek, Roman, and Ayurvedic medicine to help support sleep and manage feelings of anxiety.

In the US, valerian is recognized as an old dietary ingredient to support sleep health at a dose shown to be safe and efficacious. In the EU, the European Medicine Agency (EMA) recognizes the well-established uses of valerian for the “relief of mild nervous tension as well as sleep disorders”. Unfortunately, the high doses of valerian associated with efficacy is notoriously malodorous, making compliance difficult for many consumers.

Sleep root
  • Just 200 mg per day of Sleeproot valerian extract has been clinically shown to support different aspects of sleep quality such as time to fall asleep and actual time asleep. Benefits of Sleeproot on some aspects of sleep have been observed as early as three days after supplementation.
  • Sleeproot extract contains 2% valerenic acid. This high active content sets it apart from other valerian products on the market, which typically only contain on average 0.8% valerenic acid.
  • Application adaptability is higher due to the lower dosage. This makes  Sleeproot well suited for use in challenging delivery systems  such as gummies. As a powder, it can also be used in tablets and capsules.


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Science overview

Low dose efficacy 

The sleep support benefits of valerian root have been widely established but formulating efficacious doses successfully into popular delivery forms has been historically challenging.

Just 200 mg of Sleeproot valerian extract per day tackles this challenge through clinically supported low-dose efficacy.

Sleeproot offers several benefits for individuals with occasional sleep issues:

  • Reduces time to fall asleep
  • Increases sleep duration
  • Increases sleep efficiency
  • Supports a feeling of waking up refreshed
  • Reduces daytime sleepiness (Epworth Sleepiness Scale)



Moreover, Sleeproot has been clinically shown to help lower occasional anxiety scores in individuals with occasional sleeplessness. This further adds to its value as a sleep support product. Addressing both sleep quality and feelings of mild anxiety can help contribute to overall well-being.


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Market insights

Meeting consumer demand for better sleep

In today’s modern world, it is no surprise that better sleep is one of the three most common reasons adults have taken a supplement. (OmniActive proprietary survey)

The continuous growth of the sleep market, as indicated by the 2022 NBJ Condition Specific Report, demonstrates the increasing consumer interest in products that can help improve sleep quality. The market has more than doubled since 2017, emphasizing the demand for effective sleep support solutions.

Consumers are seeking products that deliver on their promises when it comes to supporting sleep. They are willing to try different options until they find products that work for them. This presents an opportunity to showcase products like Sleeproot as a natural, plant-based non-hormonal solution to help meet the needs of these consumers.


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Sleeproot’s extraction process

Our green solvent process helps preserve a key bioactive―valerenic acid,  to produce a higher concentrated Valerian extract.

Our process and formulation technology have helped to manage the age-old concern of Valerian extract & it’s unpleasant smell, to create a low dose & high concentration solution that has better application adaptability. Sleeproot can be used at efficacious dosages to deliver the clinically supported sleep benefits in a trending gummy format. This format provides a user-friendly and enjoyable way for individuals to incorporate Sleeproot into their daily routine.

Sleeproot is well suited for:

  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Gummies


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Sleeproot technology

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