Our roots and history

We have a proud heritage in the natural ingredients industry, which has translated to our focus in becoming a leader in health benefits and solutions.



Since 2004, the vision of OmniActive has been to improve lives by enhancing nutrition and wellness through science and innovation. As an organization, our strength is our unique ability to leverage the most innovative science and technology to meet consumers’ demands while adhering to the highest scientific standards of quality.


As your partner, we’re in the business of listening and solving your most complex challenges.

As consumers continue to search for new products and ingredients to support their healthy, active lifestyles, our portfolio of scientifically-validated, branded ingredients and proprietary delivery systems can help address their needs. Today, our dedicated team is ready to bring your dietary supplement and functional food product ideas to market.

Global Approach

With offices located globally, OmniActive is well-positioned to understand the unique needs and regulatory landscape of each of our partner markets and respond quickly. With an established sales and distribution network in Asia, Europe, North America and South America, we are committed to developing our customer’s business, regardless of location.

Market Insights

It’s not just about the ingredients. It’s also about understanding the evolving market and our consumers’ needs. At OmniActive, we invest generously in R&D and innovation, working in tandem with cross-functional business teams to support our customers. We aspire to improve lives by enhancing wellness and nutrition everyday and across all life stages.

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The Promise of Scientific Rigor

Our leadership position in branded ingredients comes from our robust, global R&D infrastructure, the development of innovative delivery systems, as well as close collaboration and education with our partners. Clinical research is the cornerstone of our ingredients and the bedrock of our demonstrated efficacy.

Research & Development is the backbone of everything we produce. Our global R&D center leads product development, setting the standard for ingredient and extract excellence; focused on developing new products and methods of delivery, isolating new plant bioactives and establishing novel analytical measures for differentiation and purity.

We currently manage our R&D processes out of two facilities:

Pune location

Hinjewadi Biotech Park, Pune

Our India-based centers are focused on the development of new extract products and delivery forms. Our facility in Pune, in close proximity to our manufacturing site, conducts extensive work on extraction, isolation, and purification of nutritional bioactives. This facility seeks to improve existing extracts and ingredients, as well as develop new product offerings.

Thane location

Talwar House, Thane

Our Thane R&D center houses our analytical and formulations teams. Our Analytical team establishes analytical measures for ensuring the differentiation and quality of OmniActive ingredients. Our formulations team develops new products and technologies for a wide array of applications and delivery forms to address customer needs and challenges.

Serving a global customer base

OmniActive’s state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing operations are located at multiple sites in India.
Our manufacturing facilities are cGMP, ISO 9005:22000 and HACCP system compliant and have successfully undergone an FDA CFR 110 audit.

“Our OmniBead Beadlet Technology and UltraSOL Nutrient Delivery System solve some of the greatest challenges that supplement manufacturers face.”

Technologies that revolutionize our industry are those that allow manufacturers to add beneficial amounts of an ingredient without compromising the product’s integrity and potency.


Beadlet Technology

A “smart” coating system that allows an ingredient to be incorporated into a large variety of applications and finished products despite challenges with organoleptic characteristics or stability of nutrients.


Nutrient Delivery System

A unique technology that converts lipophilic compounds and poorly absorbed nutrients into water-dispersible ingredients for enhanced bioavailability.

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