Benefits of Curcuwin Ultra+

Curcuwin Ultra+ highly bioavailable curcumin has been clinically shown to help promote joint comfort and mobility to support active lifestyles and sports nutrition enthusiasts.

Advantages of Curcuwin Ultra+ for your premium formulations:

  • Just 250 mg of Curcuwin Ultra+ demonstrated joint health and mobility comfort in as little as 5 days.
  • 144 times more bioavailable compared to standard curcumin
  • 40% faster absorption compared to standard curcumin
  • Efficacy at a low dose
  • Low cost-in-use
  • Versatile applications and excellent organoleptic profile
  • Clinically demonstrated joint health and mobility benefits as well as backed by original Curcuwin‘s science (i.e., recovery, cardiovascular health and endothelial function, and limit pain post-exercise)

Curcuwin Ultra+ is made with Ultrasol technology to get curcuminoids into the system and keep them there. Applications include: capsules, tablets, gummies, powders, RTDs, and shots.

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