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enXtra® Benefits

enXtra® is a clinically demonstrated, caffeine-free extract
to improve alertness and focus. Made from a proprietary extract of Alpinia galanga – a commonly used spice in Asian cooking – enXtra® targets a cognitive process known as “Attention Network Function” (ANF), which is the ability of the brain to allocate processing resources to a specific task. The ANF system plays a critical role in mental alertness and the ability to focus on a task.

enXtra® is unique among caffeine-free energy supplements because of its same-day effect that can last up to five hours. It can also be used in combination with caffeine to provide a complete solution for mental energy – from increased alertness to more focused, sustained attention.

enXtra® Clinical Research

Several clinical studies support enXtra®’s ability to improve mental alertness and focus.

  • Study 1: A randomized, placebo-controlled study conducted on 70 subjects to evaluate the effect of several plant extracts in comparison with caffeine and placebo demonstrated that enXtra® exhibited a significant increase in baseline alertness scores up to five hours.
  • Study 2: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over study was conducted to determine the effect of enXtra® on mental alertness and sustained attention compared to caffeine and placebo in 59 caffeine-habitual participants. Results demonstrated that enXtra® supports mental alertness.
  • Study 3: A secondary analysis study investigated the effect of enXtra® on focused attention compared to caffeine and placebo. Results show that enXtra® exhibited selectively enhanced focused attention to a greater extent compared to caffeine and placebo.
  • Study 4: A molecular docking study of enXtra® demonstrated that its phytoconstituents interact with pathways in the brain that play a role in alertness and focus.

In all clinical studies, enXtra ® is proven safe with no impact on heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep.

enXtra® Technology

The gentle, solvent-free extraction and proprietary process preserves the bioactives during manufacturing. To ensure that every batch conforms to the correct species of Alpinia galanga and the phytochemical profile used in the clinical studies, enXtra® is DNA authenticated. enXtra® can be used alone or safely in combination with other nootropics, like caffeine, to provide a broader benefit for mental energy.

Energy as a

State of Mind

Tapping into the Growing
Demand for Mental Energy

Cognitive performance is becoming more targeted as consumers search for solutions to optimize performance at work and play. enXtra® offers a unique approach to help consumers stay productive and active by supporting mental energy – the ability to stay alert and focused. Developed from a root commonly found in Asian cuisine, enXtra® is a DNA-authenticated extract of Alpinia galanga, clinically shown to help spark cognitive function naturally.

Consumers Want Science-Backed Formulas They Can Feel Working

Coffee continues to lead in the nootropic space because consumers can feel its effect. But consumers are also looking for alternatives. Like caffeine, the next generation of cognitive formulas must not only be clinically shown to work, but also experiential. enXtra® was developed to provide a science-backed solution for cognitive performance that works the same day.

enXtra® complements your energy and cognitive formulas, whatever the application.

Whether it’s ready-to-drink, a nutritional bar, gummies or a stick pack, enXtra® can be used in combination with other energy ingredients – including caffeine – to provide a more comprehensive approach to support mental energy.

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