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Xtenergy delivers the nootropic benefits of caffeine as a sustained-release formula to support a busy, active lifestyle.

Mood Support
Natural energy Ingredients

Why Xtenergy?

Xtenergy is a natural caffeine ingredient derived from green coffee bean:


  • Patented delivery technology that allows for different sustained release profiles over several hours
  • Same-day effect that consumers can feel
  • Clinically demonstrated nootropic benefits, including sustained alertness and better mood with less jitters, tenseness, and tiredness
  • Meets consumer energy requirements to support sustained energy and alertness without the “crash” phenomenon

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Science overview

Science-backed benefits for sustained mental energy without the crash

The nootropic effect of caffeine is undeniable; from alertness to improved mood to cognitive function, its benefits are manifold. Yet, while we enjoy the pick-me-up that caffeine offers, many experience a drop in alertness and focus a few hours later—often referred to as the “crash.”  In a double-blind, randomized, single-dose, 2-treatment, 2-sequence crossover pharmacokinetics (PK) study comparing Xtenergy to immediate-release caffeine, Xtenergy was shown to help:

  • Extend the nootropic benefits of caffeine over several hours as the effects of immediate-release caffeine start to decline
  • Support the benefits of caffeine without the unwanted effects. Compared to immediate-release caffeine, Xtenergy supports mental energy with less feelings of being tense or edgy
  • Support a better mood. Xtenergy was shown to extend the mood-enhancing effects of caffeine for up to eight hours.


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Market insights

What is the buzz with energy?

Energy remains one of the top concerns driving supplement purchases, as consumers increasingly look for solutions to help them manage a busy, active life. Also fueling the energy category is the emergence of “mental energy,” with nootropics that help sustain alertness and focus for productivity and performance. More than half of consumers report that their energy levels have worsened in the last 10 years.

Xtenergy picks up where immediate-release caffeine leaves off to help consumers power through their day feeling alert and in a good mood. Xtenergy also has an important role to play in the esports market. Read more here

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The innovation of sustained energy

Xtenergy offers some of the key nootropic benefits of natural caffeine by using a patented delivery technology that allows for sustained release over several hours. This technology allows for a gradual release of caffeine, so users feel less tired and more alert without the tenseness or anxiousness of immediate-release caffeine. In addition, Xtenergy’s steady release of caffeine helps users avoid the afternoon crash.

Available in a free-flowing granular format, Xtenergy is suitable for use in:

  • Tablets and capsules
  • Stick packs and powders
  • Pods

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†“Crash” as when mental energy (measured by alertness/attention) and mood generally declines within the first 5 hours after caffeine consumption.

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