ACCELA: OmniActive’s Global Partnering Platform for Open Innovation

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ACCELA is OmniActive’s global partnering platform for open innovation to:

  • Create a pathway for breakthrough solutions and innovative products for the dietary supplement industry
  • Further the commercialization of innovative ideas based on science, technology, and sustainability for the global nutritional supplement industry
  • Build partnerships with innovative companies, big and small, as well as with entrepreneurs, scientists, and academic institutions


The ACCELA program builds long term partnerships with innovators in dietary supplementation based on:

  • New products and nutritional solutions from natural plant- and/or biotech-sources
  • New technologies for extraction, delivery, application, and formulation of dietary supplements
  • GMO-free platforms, green technologies, and sustainable practices


The ACCELA program creates value for innovators by translating their knowhow and IP into exciting products and solutions for nutrition and providing the needed market access.

The ACCELA partnering platform is also geared for the current times to share OmniActive’s experience with industry partners looking for peer-to-peer exchange of information to solve market or industry-specific challenges during these trying times. If you are facing challenges in bringing or delivering products to your markets from India/Asia to the US, we can help; reach out to us at We are happy to share the experience through ACCELA in the spirit of serving consumers, customers and markets better for the greater good of our industry.