Continued Supply: Supporting You Through the 21-Day India Shutdown

Dear valued partner,

During the unprecedented challenge of the rapid spread of COVID-19, OmniActive’s priority continues to be the health and wellness of our global teams and communities.

We are closely monitoring the overall situation and have proactively launched a Rapid Action Task Force to help us navigate this uncertainty. Moreover, our committed team is stretching beyond the norm in delivering the needs of our customers.

As we enter week two of a nation-wide 21-day lockdown, we would like to share the following important developments in India as well as our operations:


  • OmniActive is classified as an ‘essential’ business in India, and we see increasingly supportive measures being taken by the Indian government to ensure supply continuity of all essential products and commodities
  • We are working with the local administration and industry associations to significantly facilitate speed in critical decision making
  • Our manufacturing units are in three locations, and while there are restrictions on people and vehicle movement, all of our plants are operational
  • We are operating with reduced manpower, and appropriate measures have been taken to ensure a safe working environment. Employees are practicing social distancing at the workplace, and those who are not directly involved in plant operations continue to work from home
  • We warehouse inventory in our global markets, and since all of our facilities are operational, we do not see an impact in inventory
  • There has been recent delays in movement of goods through customs due to their shortage of manpower. However, customs’ shift guidelines have been relaxed this week which has started to ease movement


In summary, we continue to operate and are closely monitoring the situation. We will also communicate changes as they arise. Should there be a need, please reach out to us at and for the most up-to-date information, follow us on Linkedin.

Stay in, stay safe!


Sanjaya Mariwala
Managing Director


Johan Kamphuis
President, Global Business


Chaitanya Desai
CEO, Speciality Botanicals & Extracts