Support eye health and visual performance with Lutemax 2020

Consequences of prolonged blue light exposure from digital devices occur in as little as 2 hours from increased eye strain, dry eyes, headaches and blurred vision. Increased screen time is not transient and expected to be the new normal. Offer your customers a solution with Lutemax 2020.

Clinically shown to support the modern, digital device user, Lutemax 2020:

  • Helps support eye health by filtering high energy blue light from digital devices, indoor and outdoor light*
  • Helps support visual function by reducing eye strain while using digital devices*
  • Helps reduce eye fatigue associated with digital device use*


Lutemax 2020 is powered by Versabead Tech and available in a variety of 100% vegetarian beadlets and oil suspensions. Applications include: gummies, chews, bars, powders, stick packs, capsules, tablets and more.

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