Curcuwin Paws: Premium curcumin for your premium pet supplements

Curcuwin Paws is a single ingredient solution for pet supplement formulations for multiple health categories!

When it comes to meeting the high standards of a decerning pet owner, not just any curcumin will do. Curcuwin Paws delivers the same premium quality as Curcuwin Ultra+, OmniActive’s clinically studied, highly bioavailable branded curcumin for humans, but now can be positioned for pet supplements:

  • Supported by preclinical and clinical science to help address joint health, immune health support, healthy inflammation, healthy blood flow, and muscle health formulations by providing a single ingredient solution 
  • Low dose efficacy and low cost in use
  • Use as a standalone ingredient or in combination with multi-ingredient formulations​​
  • Made with Ultrasol Tech for application versatility and excellent organoleptic profile for easy formulation into pet supplements such as tablets and chews

We are dedicated to the success of your pet supplement and can provide guidance to find an appropriate dose of Curcuwin Paws for your formulation.


Let’s connect and discuss the right dosage for your pet supplement formulation.

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