Are You Maximizing Your Energy Reserves with Capsaicinoids?

Out of all the macro nutrients, fats are the most energy-dense and the preferred storage unit for the body’s energy reserves. We have enough potential energy to travel about 500 to 1500 miles on just the energy stored in fat in the body. Fat yields twice the amount of calories than carbohydrates or protein and yields the most adenosine triphosphate(the body’s energy molecule)when metabolized for energy. Therefore, mobilizing fatty acids to support our daily activities and exercise routines is critical. There’s a unique group of compounds derived from hot peppers known as capsaicinoids that support the mobilization of fats for energy production to support our daily activities and low- to moderate-intensity exercise.


Heating up your energy production

Capsaicinoids are the active components of hot peppers and are responsible for their pungency and “heat.” Among the capsaicinoids, capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin are responsible for 90% of the total pungency of hot peppers. They are also biologically active. When consumed, capsaicinoids have a similar biological effect as when exercising: elevating levels of catecholamines – like epinephrine and norepinephrine – and increasing sympathetic nerve activity. This “catecholamine response” serves to increase lipolysis – the breakdown of fat – to deliver released fatty acids to skeletal muscle for energy production.


Put your fat to work

Results suggest that capsaicin stimulates fat mobilization from adipose tissue and reduces adipose tissue and serum triglyceride concentrations in lard-fed rats. Bloomer et al. saw significant increases in plasma free fatty acids and glycerol compared to placebo following a low dose capsaicinoid (Capsimax) treatment in conjunction with exercise. Through this pathway it is suggested that an increase in free fatty acids provides for fat oxidation and energy expenditure due to the catecholamine response triggered by the interaction between capsaicinoids, catecholamines and the sympathetic nervous system.


Get the heat without the burn

There’s only one problem – to experience the benefits of capsaicinoids from food you’d have to consume up to 10 grams of hot peppers every day. OmniActive has solved this problem with its OmniBead Delivery System which prevents gastric upset while providing beneficial amounts of capsaicinoids. Capsimax Capsicum Extract helps promote lipolysis and supports the mobilization of fats for energy production. With Capsimax, now you have an ingredient delivering all the benefits of concentrated, highly active capsicum in a controlled-release coating, without the oral and gastric burning sensation of unprotected red hot peppers.


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