Morristown, N.J., February 13, 2020 – OmniActive’s Improving Lives Foundation has been selected as a featured case study at Inside the Bottle’s hosted educational working session Stewarding a Sustainable and Transparent Supplement Industry, taking place on Wednesday, March 4th from 4-5:30 p.m. during this year’s Expo West (Anaheim, CA). Rushva Parihar, Head of OmniActive’s Improving Lives Foundation, will share how the foundation has taken action and delivered results to benefit the lives of farmers and farming community members in rural India, how these efforts have promoted stewardship, sustainability, quality and transparency, and how OmniActive’s partners are able to leverage sustainable initiatives to help grow their business.

OmniActive is an official year-long sponsor and active participant of the Inside the Bottle program, which is committed to supporting quality, sustainability and transparency in the supplement industry and telling the positive story of how supplements can help consumers take control of their health. During this 90-minute working session, attendees will gain insight through case studies and best practices of key suppliers and manufacturers that embody these values and are making these meaningful commitments. This content will provide valuable tools and resources for retailers and the industry at large as they seek to improve various practices and processes throughout the supply chain.

“At OmniActive, it is not only our mission to enhance nutrition and improve the lives of consumers, but we believe in ensuring that this same mission applies to all those involved in our value chain and that starts on the fields and in the farming villages that produce our premium marigolds,” said Parihar. “Inside the Bottle provides us with an interactive, forward-thinking platform to help us raise awareness as we continue to take action and shift the way we work and live toward even more sustainable practices.”

For more information on the Improving Lives Foundation or OmniActive’s many health focused solutions and services, please contact Sara Zoet at or for media opportunities, please contact Becky Wright at


About Inside the Bottle

Inside the Bottle unites companies from across the supply chain to advocate for a transparent supplement industry and empower consumers to take control of their health. In 2020, this award-winning initiative will explore issues related to transparency, sustainability, innovation and quality, using a range of digital, print and events tools and platforms to proactively communicate critical supplement industry messages and cultivate trust in supplements. A unifying force that acts as a megaphone for the supplement industry’s collective vision and think tank to elevate best practices, Inside the Bottle is now in its fifth year and will continue to build on the research, communication strategies and rich dialogue from the past four years.


About OmniActive’s Improving Lives Foundation

OmniActive’s Improving Lives Foundation is committed to fostering positive change to the communities, customers and consumers impacted by the company’s products and practices. The tenets of the foundation are built on the idea that every step in our supply chains provides an opportunity for improvement—whether it is a process, an ingredient or the health and wellness of a person or community. OmniActive has aligned its efforts with the broader initiatives outline by the United Nations’ Global Goals for Sustainable Development, and through the foundation currently focuses on some of the most pressing issues in rural Indian communities including reducing treatable eye/vision problems, treating nutrition-related conditions like anemia, supporting women’s issues and empowerment and improving sanitation and hygiene.


About OmniActive Health Technologies

OmniActive Health Technologies offers a wide range of premium, scientifically-validated ingredients to address complex challenges for customers in the dietary supplement and functional food and beverage space. OmniActive brings added value, with a focus on healthy living as well as healthy aging through IP-protected, science-backed branded ingredients from natural sources.