OmniActive’s Curcuwin and Lutemax 2020 Are USP Verified

Morristown, N.J., October 31, 2018 – OmniActive Health Technologies’ CurcuWIN Curcumin with Enhanced Absorption and Lutemax 2020 Lutein and Zeaxanthin Isomers are now both US Pharmacopeia (USP) Verified. USP is a leading global scientific organization which sets quality standards for medicines, food ingredients, and dietary supplements that are used in more than 140 countries. USP Dietary Ingredient Verification Services include GMP facility auditing,ingredient quality control, manufacturing documentation review, and ingredient testing.

“CurcuWIN is now the only curcumin ingredient that is USP verified and Lutemax 2020 is the only lutein ingredient which is both USP and Non-GMO Project Verified currently on the market,” said Makrand Bhalerao, Vice President, Quality, OmniActive Health Technologies. “USP Verification brings another layer of commitment to quality that we are bringing to the industry so that our customers can deliver the finest products globally.”

Produced using OmniActive’s proprietary UltraSOL Delivery System, CurcuWIN is recognized for its high bioavailability—with demonstrated relative absorption of total curcuminoids 46-times over standard curcumin —as well as clinically demonstrated sports and heart health benefits. CurcuWIN is also patented for improving muscle performance, endurance capacity and resistance to fatigue during exercise.

Proprietary Lutemax 2020 is a naturally-derived marigold extract providing all three macular carotenoids—lutein and zeaxanthin isomers (RR-and RS [meso]-zeaxanthin)—at the same 5:1 ratio as found in the diet. Multiple clinical studies have demonstrated Lutemax 2020’s health benefits including eye, brain,and skin health as well as supporting a modern, digital lifestyle.

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