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Lutemax Skinglo

Protecting and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin is possible at any age with dermatologist-tested Lutemax Skinglo.

Skin, hair & nails

Why Lutemax Skinglo?

Lutemax Skinglo is a convenient, low dose, single-ingredient solution to deliver a unique combination of clinically demonstrated health benefits for your beauty-from-within product:

  • Promotes a bright, radiant, and even-toned complexion
  • Skin lightening/brightening
  • Skin protection

Lutemax Skinglo is a naturally derived, sustainably sourced marigold extract, which delivers—lutein, RR-zeaxanthin, and RS (meso)-zeaxanthin—in the same 5:1 ratio as found naturally in the diet:

  • Higher levels of zeaxanthin isomers than most commercial forms
  • Available in a variety of 100% vegetarian beadlets and oil suspensions for formulation flexibility
  • Produced through a vertically integrated supply chain for sustainability, traceability, transparency, and greater assurance of supply continuity
  • Premium marigolds grown from non-GMO seeds

Your partnership supports improving the lives and communities of farmers in rural India. Find out more about how your formulation with the Lutemax range of products supports OmniActive’s Improving Lives Foundation

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Science overview

Supporting healthy skin from within

The skin is the largest organ of the body, shielding us against the outside world and guarding against environmental extremes and harmful light from the sun. Over time, oxidative stress from environmental factors and lifestyle contributes to the “aging” process.


Lutemax Skinglo—beauty is in the science

Healthy, beautiful skin can last a lifetime, and it starts with proper nutrition, including adequate intake of dietary carotenoids. In a 12-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel study, Lutemax Skinglo improved:

  • Overall skin tone
  • Skin lightening/brightening
  • Skin protection

Lutemax Skinglo provides a unique combination of skin health benefits not seen with other carotenoids. And as the beauty-from-within category continues to grow, Skinglo offers a whole-body approach to supporting a healthier, radiant complexion in a small, convenient dose.

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Market insights

Healthy skin is in…are you?

In the US, the beauty-from-within is a strong supplement category projected to continue its growth at over 5%. And, while skin health is still a niche category, it is gaining global popularity with around 5% of all launched supplements claiming beauty benefits. Lutemax Skinglo delivers the clinically demonstrated, in-demand benefits to help support beautiful, protected skin from within.

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Lutemax Skinglo—powered by Versabead

Versabead is a patented nutrient delivery system that improves product formulation and efficacy. Versabead synergizes all the science-backed benefits of Lutemax Skinglo with application flexibility, including improved stability, dispersibility and significantly improved bioavailability. Lutemax Skinglo can be easily formulated into a variety of functional foods and beverages consumers demand, including:

  • Gummies, chews, and bars
  • Powders and stick packs
  • Capsules, tablets, and beyond

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