Health benefits supported by the finest ingredients, built with innovative technologies and backed by science.

A healthy lifestyle starts with the best ingredients, enhanced with the right technologies and proven to work with the right science. We operate with the transparency that our clients expect and develop formulas with the sustainability that our market demands.

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Active Wellness
& Physical Performance

Natural solutions to optimize an active lifestyle.

Whether it’s managing your health or maximizing physical performance, OmniActive offers a range of natural solutions to help consumers achieve their health and fitness goals. Stronger bones and muscles, mobility, flexibility and faster recovery from strenuous exercise are just a few of the benefits our ingredients provide to the active wellness consumer.

Metabolic Wellness
& Weight Management

We help people take charge of their health and waistline.

Consumers aren’t looking for shortcuts anymore. They want to take charge of their health through a lifestyle that includes diet, exercise and supplementation. Achieving their weight goals is one of the biggest challenges many people face. But OmniActive makes it easier by providing effective formulations to support a healthy weight and metabolism.

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Vision figure

Vision, Cognition
& Mental Wellness

Branded ingredients designed for eye and brain health at every age.

OmniActive believes that it’s never too soon to be proactive about your vision, cognition and mental wellness and we make it easier with the right formula that’s backed by science.

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