OmniInsights Learning Center: Vision Health and Visual Performance

Healthy eyes and visual performance have profound effects on the health, wellbeing, and livelihoods of people worldwide, and yet many continue to suffer from visual impairment. In fact, the World Health Organization reports that of the 2.2 billion people who have vision impairment, a whopping 1 billion cases could have either been prevented or are yet to be addressed (WHO, 2019).

OmniActive is not only dedicated to bringing premium, clinically demonstrated Specialty Actives such as Lutemax 2020, Lutemax Free Lutein and Lutein Esters, Omnixan and our latest innovation, Nutritears, to the market, but also to promoting awareness on the importance of vision health and solutions for a sustainable future.

Here are some of the latest reports, articles, and podcasts discussing the state of vision health globally:

March 2022: Nutraceuticals World: The Importance of Three Macular Carotenoids for Eye Health & Visual Performance
80% of all visually compromised cases are preventable. Yet, for the 285 million people around the world who are blind or vision impaired. Read about how better nutrition and supplementation with the macular carotenoids can help support healthy vision for a lifetime in this insightful article. Read the article now >>

July 2021: OmniActive unveils Integrative Actives Platform and Introduces Nutritears
OmniActive announces the unveiling of Integrative Actives, a platform which facilitates the delivery of multiple actives into concentrated smaller doses. The first product developed using Integrative Actives is OmniActive’s newest clinically studied offering, Nutritears, a unique patent-pending combination of ingredients (lutein and zeaxanthin isomers, curcuminoids, and vitamin D3), which delivers benefits that consumers demand. Read the press release now >>

June 2021: Times of India’s Indian’s Suffered Max Damage to Eyesight?
India has over 1.3 billion people and almost a quarter of its population report vision impairment. With the uptick in screen time, is there a correlation between India’s vision health and weakening eyesight? Read more to find out >>

April 2021: Nutrition Insights’ All Eyes on Xanthophyll Carotenoids: Ocular Nutrition Supports Healthy Aging for Young and Old
Further linking eye and brain health are nutrients like lutein and the zeaxanthin isomers, which originally found their footing among the older demographics. However, their role has evolved to meet the modern needs of younger demographics. Read the article now >>

Feb 2021: The Lancet’s Global Eye Health: Vision Beyond 2020
Experts weigh-in and figure out solutions to help inform governments and other influencers about how to tackle issues surrounding eye health beyond 2020, while furthering the Sustainable Development Goals. Is a world without avoidable vision loss in sight? Listen now>> or read the PDF >> to find out.

Oct 2019: The World Health Organization’s World Report on Vision
This comprehensive global report deep-dives into the vastness of eye conditions and vision impairment, as well as focuses on effective strategies to address eye care worldwide by calling on all countries to provide integrated people-centered eye care services over a lifetime. Read the full report here >>